Welcome to Holy Cross Senior Secondary School

 Holycross CBSE Senior Secondary school is located at Arthat Kunnamkulam , run under the auspices of ARCHDIOCESE OF THRISSUR. under the trust named HOLY CROSS EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST, THRISSUR. It is a co-educational institution with classes from Kindergarten to senior secondary level. The medium of instructions is English.The school reflects the dynamism and energy of this fast growing Indian metropolis through its exciting courses and innovative methods of teaching. In this Holy land of Arthat where St. Thomas set foot, where a temple, a mosque and a church co-exist , the school  grows in harmony to make a dream come true. HOLY CROSS focuses on molding young ones to be intellectually advanced, culturally refined and spiritually solid. ‘Every effort is made to make each child good and smart’ – good at heart with high moral values, etiquette and manners in thought and action.


   "All your children shall be taught by the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children."

-Isaiah 54:13


Our Curriculum

The school follows the curriculum and syllabi of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.The students are prepared for the senior secondary examination of the Board. The medium of instruction is English. Hindiand Malayalam are additional subjects taught. Of which one is dropped from class IX

Aims and objectives

The school aims at an an environment that fosters both academic and personal growth, elevating the educational levels rising to its best with a highly qualified and dedicated faculty with a diversified curriculum that offers both challenges & opportunities in the field of education.

Our Gallery


DSC 6910 d DSC 6114 d DSC 6085 d DSC 6150 d DSC 6119 d DSC 6187 d DSC 6133 d DSC 6171 d DSC 6239 d DSC 6232 d DSC 6244 d DSC 6246 s DSC 6254 d DSC 6259 d DSC 6284 d DSC 6266 d DSC 6331 d DSC 6317 d DSC 6533 d DSC 6561 d DSC 6741 d DSC 6686 d DSC 6814 f DSC 6773 d DSC 6820 f DSC 6838 d DSC 6943 d DSC 6976 d DSC 6998 d DSC 7794 d DSC 6914 d DSC 7830 d

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