As years pass by Holy Cross Senior Secondary School finds more meaning and explores more dimensions in its journey towards excellence. It has grown both qualitatively and quantitatively, much more in comparison with the previous years. I do understand and gauge the responsibilities added along with this growth. I have taken several action plans on stride to go ahead, pondering over, thechallenges that our students will have to face in this fast pacing world of competitions, both in academic and in their personal life. One of them is to equip them with life skills. The co-curricular activities included are with this notion. Their caliber in the co-scholastic area is also nurtured and judged. The theme of the year “Experience the Pleasure of Reading” is selected with an aim to give equal importance to the habit of reading as much as importance they give to surfing- surfing in internet  visual , and audio media. My dream to have a culmination of the execution of this theme will be done with the presence and with the participation of all stake holders of our school. I invite all of you to join in this mission of reaching ‘The Experience of Pleasure of Reading’ to all our children.

  Thanks a lot in advance for your support and suggestions