The school aims at an an environment that fosters both academic and personal growth, elevating the educational levels rising to its best with a highly qualified and dedicated faculty with a diversified curriculum that offers both challenges & opportunities in the field of education.
Along with the academic progress the school envisages the emotional and spiritual growth of the pupils. The main aim of the school is to impart progressive education. So as to make our children self- disciplined and to bound together with the qualities of love, self discipline, obedience and responsible.

► To impart progressive education suited to the changing needs.
► To impart a sease of responsibility and self discipline.
► To bind students in love, justice and truth.

► To impart truth, wisdom and knowledge as depicted in our emblem.
► To make pupils Humble, Obedient, Lovable, Youthful, Clever, Responsible, Open,
Sincere & Serviceable – which together makes HOLY CROSS.


The school follows the curriculam of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school is recognised upto senior secondary level. The medium of instruction is english.“The process of learning should be as far as possible a pleasurable one and not laborious” – Mahatma Gandhi.
The above quote is the guiding principle of our school curriculum. The curriculum makes it possible to reinforce the concepts many times in various interesting ways. Here, the children are not burdened with heavy school bags and a lot of home works. The main advantage of this is the availability of the time.
The teacher becomes an interesting facilitator instead of a rigid taskmaster. The methods of teaching are unique and innovative. A sincere effort is made right from the primary level to help the children to inculcate the value and skills, which enhance the quality of their lives. They learn to communicate with others and develop self- confidence. The school follows the curriculum and syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
We follow an integrated curriculum which emphasis on the subjects like English, Maths, Environmental Science, IT Language, Drawing, Poetry and other co-curricular activities. The medium of instruction is English.
The students are well prepared for the secondary as well as the Senior Secondary examinations of the Board.