The Academic year 2016-17 was considered as a land mark in the history of Holycross.Introducing a new scout Troop was a dream come true.On December 12th 2017 , under the leadership and guidance of our young talented scout master Sadeep Cheeran , a new scout troop marked its beginning with a team of talented 12 scouts.

Our guides company are rendering their selfless service for the past 3 yrs under the guidance & supervision of our guide teacher in charge Thushara M Chandran ,who is considered as heart and soul of our guides company.

Our scout and Guide Troops  actively participate in all major events connecting  with the school.The various services rendered by our scouts and guides are highly noticeable one.

    • Distribution of Medicines

On 2nd July 2016,our guide volunteers took initiative to distribute medicines to more than 100 houses in neighbouring areas of Arthat.

    • Visit to old age home

As part of creating oneness,love,sharing and understanding among the children ,our children extended their helping hands to the needy ones.

    • Independence Day Celebration

On account of Independence day celebration, Holycross 403 unit guide volunteers participated in a district level rally.Our school band team has secured 1st prize in the competition held as a part of independence day celebration .

    • Coaching Camp :

Our guide volunteers actively participated in Dwithiya Sopan coaching camp conducted at G H S S Pengamuk School and also attended Thrithiya Sopan Coaching Camp at L I G H S Choondal.Our guides bagged many prizes in these coaching camps.

    • Hiking

We conducted an educational trip in the Arthat region ,so as to ensure a better educational benefit to the guides.

    • Distribution of funds

Along with the Nallapadam members,our guide volunteers also held hand in helping for a medical aid for the kidney transplantation.

    • Nature Day celebration

To make every one understand the importance of Nature we conducted various activities like poster designing,CD presentation etc on account of Nature Day Celebration

403 Unit guide volunteers will be always there with a heping mentality for the betterment of Holycross.Concluding the report with a happy news of sharing the new venture of scout volunteers of Holy Cross in the coming years……..